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Welcome to Diamondfinda Working Cocker Spaniels, we are a family run gun dog training facility now based in the heart of Shropshire, focusing on quality gundog training of Working Cocker Spaniels.

We started out with Labradors who we used as a peg dogs and for picking up and then moved on to Working Cocker Spaniels, where we have found so much love and fun in working with these wonderful characters, what they may lack in size they certainly make up in personality.

All our dogs work, whether it be sitting at the peg, in the beating line, picking up or in training for or running in field trials. All Diamondfinda Gundogs are Kennel Club Registered and are from the best working and field trial lines, thus giving us great natural working ability and fantastic temperaments.

We also have access to a variety of training grounds, so there is always fresh training ground available, from stubble fields to sugar beet, including some very good woodlands and 2 water complexes to train in and around, so we have a good knowledge of training working dogs in both the shooting field and countryside and run a shooting syndicate.

We also offer a Field Trial Champion x Field Trial Champion working cocker spaniel stud dog who is a Fully Health Tested; Poolgreen Keg of Diamondfinda, take a look on our Diamondfinda Dogs Page and our Stud Dogs and Dogs For Sale Page to find out more.

Working Cocker Spaniels Field Trail Spaniels

Diamondfinda Kestrel, Timsgarry Working Cocker Spaniel, Simon Tyres

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Follow us on our Instagram Page for more information @diamondfinda we look forward to seeing you on there!


Dog training, Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Cocker Spaniel Training, Claire Purllant

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